I was injured in an accident. Should I consult a lawyer?

Claims for benefits and/or compensation are often accompanied by strict timelines. If you miss those timelines, your claim(s) may no longer be valid.

At Pronay Personal Injury Law, we do not charge fees until you receive compensation; therefore, if you have been injured in an accident, it is always best to contact our office as soon as possible so that we can determine whether you have a claim and, if so, to start your case right away.

What types of injuries can I receive compensation for?

Accidents can cause a variety of physical injuries from muscle aches and pains to more significant injuries such as broken bones, internal injuries and brain injuries.

Unfortunately, and quite often, the physical injuries are also accompanied by psychological trauma, such as a fear of driving, nightmares and sleep difficulties.

Physical and psychological trauma may also have a number of negative effects on your everyday life, such as:

  • Being unable to work (or work less)
  • Being unable to continue school (or to continue school only part-time)
  • Being unable to care for your children as you did prior to your injury; and,
  • Being unable to care for your home, both inside and outside, as you did before.

Depending on how you were injured, different laws will apply and your injuries will have to be considered in the context of the applicable law(s) to be able to determine whether you are entitled to compensation.
At Pronay Personal Injury Law, we have been assisting clients in determining whether they can receive compensation for their injuries for over 10 years; therefore, it is best to contact us so that we can evaluate your case first hand.

Do I have a "catastrophic" injury and, if so, how can Pronay Personal Injury Law help?

If you have been involved in an accident with a vehicle, there are specific criteria that your injuries must meet in order for them to be considered “catastrophic,” which then allows you to claim further benefits as a result.

Generally, injuries in this category will cause a severe change in your life, from either a physical and/or psychological perspective, and will have long-term effects on you and your family.

Severe brain injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia and paralysis, to name a few, will often be considered “catastrophic” injuries in which case you will be entitled to increased benefits in the short and long terms.

However, less serious physical injuries, which are accompanied by ongoing psychological trauma, can also lead to your injuries as a whole to be considered “catastrophic.”

At Pronay Personal Injury Law, we have extensive experience in assisting clients with “catastrophic” injuries.

Depending on the type of “catastrophic” injury you have suffered, our team has access to top medical professionals, such as occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, neurologists and orthopedic surgeons who deal with patients with catastrophic impairments on a daily basis and who help people like you, and your loved ones, through the recovery process.

Generally, cases involving “catastrophic” injuries also require additional time and care devoted to your file.

At Pronay Personal Injury Law, that is exactly what you will receive and nothing less. That’s our guarantee.

If I decide to make a claim, when will I receive compensation for my injuries?

This will vary from case to case and will depend on the type of injury you have suffered and how it has impacted your life.

Depending on how you were injured, there are also various timelines put in place by the applicable law(s) which may affect the timing of any compensation to you.

At Pronay Personal Injury Law, our goal is always to work on your behalf to maximize the compensation to which you are entitled, either through settlement of your claims in a timely manner or by taking your case to trial.

How much compensation can I expect to receive?

Historically, Canadian Courts have awarded ranges of compensation depending on the type of injury you have suffered and how it has impacted your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive will also depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident.

As a general rule, the more time that has passed since your accident, and the more information we have about your injuries and their impact on you, the easier it is to give an accurate estimate in terms of the compensation to which you may be entitled.

How much will Pronay Personal Injury Law charge to represent me?

Typically, there are 2 methods to pay a lawyer: either on an hourly rate or based on a percentage of the amount recovered.

Given that your injuries have likely resulted in a strained financial situation, we usually suggest that in such cases our compensation be based on a percentage of the total monies received by you. This allows you to concentrate on getting better and not about how you will pay us in the interim. However, the choice is always yours.

If you chose for us to represent you based on a percentage of your recovery, we do not charge you anything up front and you only pay for our legal services if we successfully obtain compensation for you.

Why should I choose Pronay Personal Injury Law to represent me?

There are many personal injury law firms in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). However, it is often the case that you will meet with a lawyer during your initial consultation, probably when you sign the retainer with the law firm, and then you will not see or speak with your lawyer for months and even years after that.

At Pronay Personal Injury Law, we meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are kept up to date in terms of your case and to respond to your questions along the way.

At Pronay Personal Injury Law, not only do you get competent legal representation, but you also get a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to your specific case and your specific needs.

You are not just a file number to us. We realize that you are a person in need of competent and compassionate representation in your time of need and that is what you get. Nothing less.